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Suits Recap: ‘Pulling The Goalie’

Okay, now it’s starting to feel like Patrick J. Adams’ time on the show is coming to an end. With two more episodes left this season, “Pulling the Goalies” sees Harvey and Mike team-up to help Judge Ralls, the judge who presided over Mike’s fraud case. Seeing Harvey and Mike kicking it like the good ol’ days has been a rare occurrence in the past few seasons, so it was nice that we got one more Batman and Robin takedown before Adams leaves the show. Obviously, this case wasn’t without its bumps.

Judge Ralls approaches Mike to represent her in the lawsuit, claiming she overturned a verdict for personal gain. She swears she didn’t do it, and guilt trips Mike into taking the case since she treated him fairly during his trial. She even quotes his closing statement back at him. So obviously Mike feels compelled to take it. However, taking her on as a client means the firm would have to drop any client that has a case in her court. This is the last thing Harvey wants to do, but Mike asks him to work on it with him because he wants them to have fun together and thinks Harvey might need a distraction from his break-up.

So, the two get to work on the case, which proves to be trickier than they expected. But that’s not really important here. What’s important is the meal the two share while working where Harvey tells Mike about Donna kissing him, and Mike admits that he told Donna to tell Harvey how she felt before it was too late. Harvey realizes Mike couldn’t have known she’d kiss him. So for the moment they’re cool, but once the case heats up, everything changes.

Eventually, the opposing counsel suing Ralls tells Mike and Harvey that she’s coming after her. Harvey’s one rule is that clients don’t lie to him, so he’s totally prepared to drop her because that means he won’t have to give up a big client he’s trying to sign. Mike, being Mike, doesn’t want to do that and unfairly accuses Harvey of never sacrificing, which causes a fight. Harvey points out that he has sacrificed everything, and then Mike throws the whole “I went to prison for you” thing in his face.

Donna overhears the entire argument and decides now’s not the right time to tell Harvey that she put their office lease in jeopardy. While Mike and Harvey were doing the Batman and Robin thing, the firm’s flirtatious landlord David Fox approaches Donna and tricks her into admitting that the firm restructured, which violates the lease and allows him to evict the firm in 90 days. Donna asks Rachel to help come up with a countersuit to save the firm, which ends up putting it in even more jeopardy because David never actually filed his suit and Donna’s suit violates the terms of the lease, which states that tenants can’t sue the landlord without first going to arbitration. So now, the firm has 30 days to move out. (Next: Donna and Rachel pull a Burlesque)

After they have a chance to cool down, Harvey and Mike apologize to each other and decide to keep working Judge Ralls’ case. They realize that the opposing firm isn’t suing Ralls because she’s about to try one of their cases, but because they want her entire record to be reviewed in order to overturn some precedent she set. And with Louis’ help they figure out which precedent they’re going after and manage to shut the firm down and save Ralls’ reputation. Once that’s all cleared up, Harvey asks Mike why he said what he said to Donna, and Mike admits that it’s because he ships Harvey and Donna. It’s cute.

Speaking of Donna: She refuses to give up on saving the firm and asks Rachel to pull one more all-nighter to help her save it. And the solution ends up coming straight out of the Burlesque playbook (although neither of them reference that iconically bad but great movie starring Christina Aguilera and Cher). They decide to show David who’s boss by buying the air rights around all 34 of his NYC buildings and threaten to block his attractive views with tampon ads. David backs down and even cuts rent by 10 percent, which pleases Harvey at the end of the episode. Donna and Harvey end up sharing a drink or two together as the episode ends.

Elsewhere in the episode, Louis is forced to deal with Sheila’s fiancé Xander, who warns him to stay away from Sheila and insults Louis’ firm. Well, that’s all Louis needs to pick a fight with Xander. With Katrina’s help, Louis wades into the uncharted waters of tech law, an area with which he isn’t familiar, and sues Xander. Sheila begs him to drop it because she’s worried he’ll use their affair to win and thus ruin her life. Dr. Lipschitz is concerned about that, too, and threatens to drop Louis as a patient if he tells Xander about the affair because Louis would be purposefully causing harm to someone else, indicating that their time together isn’t helping Louis improve as a person.

So Louis and Katrina come up with another plan of attack that would absolutely demolish Xander’s client and earn Louis a hefty payday. Louis offers Xander a humiliating settlement: $50 million and Xander has to declare that Louis is the superior lawyer in writing. Sheila finds out about Louis’ harsh terms and begs him not to ruin Xander’s career like that. Louis goes back and forth on what to do, and eventually decides to let it go after talking to Harvey. However, Louis still ends up coming out of this as a winner because Sheila realizes she wants to be with Louis, leaves Xander, and gets rid of her diaphragm, which signals that she’s at least open to having children. So, all’s well that ends well, right?