2018 | The Charities Forum


The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry founded the Forum in 2006 as a way to bring their individual charitable interests together and to explore how they could best lend their support to them all in an effective and efficient way.

The Forum has evolved over the years, expanding as The Princes’ charitable activities grew. Today, there are over 30 organisations involved in the group including The Duchess of Cambridge’s charities.

All the charities work in sectors that support Their Royal Highnesses key charitable areas of focus, including: supporting members of the armed forces and their families, helping children and young people, and promoting conservation and sustainable development.

The group is as diverse as it is unique but all members share common aims and values. The primary purpose of the Charities Forum is to generate ideas and influence in the charitable sector by combining the profile of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry with the diversity and experience of the Forum members.

The Charities Forum meets biannually, with each organisation taking it in turns to host the group. The meetings not only provide an opportunity for the Charities to update Their Royal Highnesses on their recent activities and projects, but they also provide a platform for collaborative activity between the organisations.

Opportunities to support each other are explored at meetings, relationships are developed and bilateral work is initiated, often between charities and organisations that would not ordinarily have been linked through the course of their own work.