2019 | Mayhew

FROM THE WEBSITE: Mayhew is an animal welfare charity working to improve the lives of dogs, cats and the people in communities in London and internationally. The Mayhew aims to promote animal welfare by delivering a broad range of community-based veterinary, care and education services. Being entirely funded by public donations the Mayhew offers free and low-cost neutering, microchipping and vaccinations.

By recognizing that animal welfare issues and social welfare issues are linked, Mayhew works to protect the bond vulnerable people, the elderly, the homeless and those suffering from mental health issues have with their animals. And by taking their educational initiatives out to the community they have a better chance of helping prevent cases of neglect, abandonment and cruelty.

To learn more about this organization, visit their official site.


— Meghan, Duchess of Sussex became Patron in January 2019.


January 16 – The Duchess of Sussex Visits The Mayhew – In her first visit as Patron, The Duchess of Sussex met with volunteers and residents who have used some of the Mayhew’s services including The TheraPaws Program which uses volunteers and their therapy dogs to go into care and residential homes, hospitals, hospices and day centres across London to engage with residents, provide companionship and brighten up their day and the Mayhew’s Pet Refuge, which provides shelter and care for the pets of people in crisis for short periods of time, like being hospitalised. The Duchess chatted with Afghanistan Country Director, Dr Mo, to learn more about the Mayhew’s work abroad and Head Vet Nurse, Gillian Rich RVN, who spoke about the veterinary work they do on-site at the Community Vet Clinic. Ever the animal lover Meghan was smitten with several of the dogs who either have been adopted from the shelter or looking for their forever homes.