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Meghan Markle Takes on a New, and Highly Unusual, Royal Duty

Meghan Markle has a busy week coming up. The future royal will attend two engagements during the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, which convenes every two years and this year takes place in London. Given that she is not yet a fully fledged member of the family, it is highly unusual for Markle to be involved in such a high-profile event (the meeting is a summit of the Commonwealth’s 53 leaders). It’s a strong hint at what Markle might do once she is a member of the royal family.

Meghan will attend the Commonwealth Youth Forum in London on Wednesday, with Prince Harry, as well as a Women’s Empowerment reception on Thursday which involves charities and organizations working to promote gender equality through girls’ education, a cause Markle is passionate about. Her presence at C.H.O.G.M. is being seen in royal circles as very significant, and yet another indication of how warmly she has been welcomed into the royal fold ahead of her wedding. “Clearly the feeling is that she is equipped and ready for the job even before the ring is on her finger,” a former courtier told Vanity Fair. “This is quite unusual. C.H.O.G.M. is a very important official meeting. It’s quite something for Meghan to be involved.”

The news that Markle will attend her very first C.H.O.G.M. follows Kensington Palace’s announcement earlier today that Prince Harry has been made president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. The new youth charity, of which Her Majesty is Patron, provides a platform for young changemakers across the Commonwealth in the areas of education, sport, health, and the environment. Continue reading Meghan Markle Takes on a New, and Highly Unusual, Royal Duty

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Suits recap: Inevitable

All good things must come to an end. The relationships you expected to end ended in tonight’s Suits. Sure, it wasn’t surprising, but it was still rather entertaining to watch exactly how these things fell apart.

At the top of the hour, it seems like Harvey and Paula are out of the woods. As they’re enjoying coffee together in the morning, Harvey says he wants to take her out for a nice, intimate dinner. Paula says yes. But what’s supposed to be a romantic dinner for two turns into an awkward evening meal for three people because Harvey’s mom comes down to the city for the night and asks to see him. Not wanting to disappoint either woman, Harvey decides to invite his mother to dinner.

The Harvey-Paula-Lily dinner starts out well. There’s laughing, stories are shared. No awkwardness in sight! But then Lily accidentally ruins it. As she’s about to leave, she thanks Paula for being the reason she and Harvey reconnected since Harvey told her that someone important in his life pushed him to do it. But, in case you forgot, that wasn’t Paula. That was Donna. Paula’s face drops, and the meal ends on a very awkward note.

And thus we arrive at the first ruined relationship in the episode. Paula realizes that she really can’t handle Donna being such an integral part of Harvey’s life because her ex cheated on her with someone he worked with and now she’s worried it’ll happen again — even though she knows she shouldn’t let the past affect this new relationship. So, she does what we all hoped she wouldn’t and gives Harvey an ultimatum: their relationship or Donna. It’s a moment I’ve been dreading because this is such a worn out cliché, but Christina Cole makes it work because you believe that Paula realizes how messed up this is and yet knows it’s the only thing that will ease her mind. Continue reading Suits recap: Inevitable

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NBC Sets ‘Inside The Royal Wedding: Harry & Meghan’ Special

Ahead of what is likely the most anticipated wedding of the year, NBC will premiere a primetime special, Inside the Royal Wedding: Harry and Meghan. Hosted by Today‘s Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, Inside the Royal Wedding will air Wednesday, May 16 at 10 PM ET, three days ahead of the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The hourlong broadcast will feature interviews with close friends of the couple, along with prominent figures from the worlds of fashion, sports and show business. Kotb will also report live from Windsor, beginning Thursday, May 17, giving viewers an early peak of the final details and events in the run-up to the royal marriage.

On Friday, May 18, NBC News will air all four hours of Today from Windsor. Guthrie, Kotb, Megyn Kelly and Kathie Lee Gifford will broadcast their respective hours live from an exclusive location overlooking Windsor Castle on May 18 from 7-11 a.m. ET. Al Roker and Sheinelle Jones will also join Today from the United Kingdom.


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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend Team Trials for the Invictus Games

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the U.K. team trials for the Invictus Games at the University of Bath Sports Training Village. The 2018 games will kick off in Sydney on October 20. It’s an international competition for wounded servicemen and women.

Markle opted for a more casual look for the occasion, wearing an Invictus Games polo, a jacket by Babaton for Aritiza, and jeans by MOTHER.

Appearances & Engagements Photos > Engagements in 2018 > April 06| Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend Team Trials for the Invictus Games

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Meghan Markle Makes a Secret Trip Out of the Country as Wedding Nears

Considering the spotlight on Meghan Markle right now, as we careen closer and closer to her May 19 wedding date to Prince Harry, it would seem like it’d be tough for the bride to get pretty much anything done without it becoming a huge story. Markle can’t exactly hop outside to pick up a name-card sample or check out a potential wedding sconce, or what have you, without photographers descending.

Or at least that’s what you’d think! According to a new report from Good Morning America royal correspondent Omid Scobie, Markle has managed to not only step out of her Palace digs without being detected—she actually fled to a different country for a pre-wedding errand. Markle “quietly jetted” out of London on Thursday to make her way to Los Angeles, where she is reportedly “spending quality time”—and, of course, “talking wedding plans”—with her mother, Doria Ragland. Scobie reports that this is not the only mother-daughter time the two will get before the big day, as Ragland will be flying back to London well in advance of the wedding. (Secret wedding-dress fittings continue to take place in an “undisclosed London location” and at the Palace.)

It’s unclear if Markle is still in Los Angeles, or if she has returned already to London, but this likely solves Sunday’s mystery as to why Markle and Harry did not attend Easter services with the rest of the royals in Windsor. It’s also worth just marveling at her ability to (presumably) do errands and see her mother and generally conduct her business without being snapped (her mother is a regular paparazzi target at this point, as Ragland was photographed leaving her home on Monday). Perhaps the upshot here is: Meghan Markle, improbably, could be anywhere! (or at least we like to imagine so . . . ). That could be her waiting in the car with tinted windows outside your Soul Cycle class, or her in the dark sunglasses shrouded in a blanket in the first-class cabin on your London to Los Angeles flight.


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Suits Recap: ‘Hard Truths’

The first half of Suits’ seventh season ended with Donna planting one on Harvey and walking away, leaving us to spend the next six months wondering what this meant for their relationship. Well, the show’s midseason premiere gave us yet another Donna-centric cliffhanger — and one, frankly, that I didn’t think was necessary, but I’ll talk about that a bit more once we finish going through the episode.

“Half Truths” pick up immediately where last season left off, with a confused Harvey frozen in Donna’s office post-kiss. How does Harvey react to the news? Well, in the most Harvey way possible. Avoidance! He tells Louis to tell Donna about Jessica’s disbarment and then heads home where he finds Paula — you know, his girlfriend — waiting for him. Harvey impulsively asks her to move in, but she politely declines because she doesn’t move too quickly, which is more than fair.

Harvey continues his avoidance strategy at work the next day when he finds Donna waiting for him in his office. She wants to talk about the kiss, but Harvey refuses. So, she decides to change the subject and suggests they hire a new senior partner in order to show the world they can still recruit top talent without Jessica’s name on the door. But, Harvey cruelly shuts her down, saying she’s not a lawyer and thus shouldn’t be involved in this decision. That’s when Louis comes in, and Harvey kicks Donna out so the men can discuss how to handle the situation. Louis wants to dissolve and restructure the firm so they can pay Jessica her money without having to worry about Jack Soloff, who I forgot was a thing, and the other senior partners coming after them. However, in order to restructure the firm, Harvey needs the permission of one of the old named partners; you know, one of the guys Jessica got rid of when she ascended to the throne. Continue reading Suits Recap: ‘Hard Truths’