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Inside Harry and Meghan’s Top-Secret Weekend Trip to Amsterdam

She may now be HRH the Duchess of Sussex, but Meghan Markle is not letting her royal status stifle her social life. Over the weekend Meghan and Harry jetted to Amsterdam for the launch of Soho House’s latest venture where the couple enjoyed a weekend of lavish hospitality and V.I.P. treatment ahead of a busy week, including Meghan’s first solo engagement scheduled for Tuesday.

While no pictures of the couple have emerged (the members club has a strict no cameras policy), Vanity Fair has learned that the Sussexes stayed out until after midnight dancing to tunes by the Atlantic Soul Orchestra, the cover band who played on their wedding night.

The duke and duchess were seen drinking cocktails and chatting with fellow guests, including actor Eddie Redmayne and Douglas Booth. On Sunday, they enjoyed a Soho House “Feast”-style brunch before heading back to Kensington Palace ahead of Monday’s Coach Core Awards event at Loughborough University.

Meghan and Harry were invited to the club launch by Markus Anderson, the Soho House executive who played cupid when he helped set the couple up on a blind date at Soho House in London in 2016. Anderson had a brief moment in the spotlight when he sat next to Meghan at the opening ceremonies for the Invictus Games in Toronto last year.

According to one guest, “Meghan and Harry flew in for the launch party on Saturday night. They were very low key and there was no fuss about them being there. They had three protection officers on the night who stayed in the background and left them to have fun.” The couple had dinner at in-house restaurant Cecconi’s with Anderson and Redmayne before hitting the dance floor. “There was a boat trip on the canal, but they weren’t able to do that for security reasons, but inside the House they were just like any other guest,” said one source. “Meghan was happily chatting to Markus and seemed very confident and at home, while Harry was socializing with some of the other guests. He was on his best behavior for the whole night and they retired to bed just after midnight.”

The couple was also seen hanging out with actors Simon Pegg and Luke Evans, as well as D.J. Nick Grimshaw and party-planner Fran Cutler.

Sources close to Meghan say she is keen to retain some of her former celebrity lifestyle and enjoys being a member of Soho House, as does Harry. The couple are often at Soho Farmhouse, the club’s country outpost which is close to their rented Gloucestershire cottage. “Meghan has said that she wants to be able to keep aspects of her life the same, she doesn’t want to stop going to Soho House and hanging out with people like Markus who is one of her best friends,” said a source. “That suits Harry, as Meghan opens up a very glamorous and exciting world to him.”

Soho House has played an important role in the couple’s courtship and among staff at the club, the royal romance is known as the Soho House love affair. The couple are such fans of owner Nick Jones’s interior designs that one of their wedding registries was at