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Photos & Roundup: October 24 – Royal Visit Fiji – Day 9

WOMEN & EDUCATION: Their Royal Highnesses visited the University of the South Pacific campus in Suva, where they observed a cultural performance on the effects of climate change, before meeting students studying subjects from agriculture to women’s development. The event was streamed to a number of the university’s campuses throughout the Pacific region. The Duke made short speech in his capacity as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, and The Duchess announced two new grants awarded to the University, which will allow them to run workshops to empower female staff and to support students during their education. They will be provided by Her Majesty’s patronage. Kensington Palace had reported before the tour that Meghan would say a few words, but no one was ready for the powerful speech she gave about her own college experiences, and the right for young girls and women all over to further their education. You can watch Meghan’s full speech below:

VIDEOS: Meghan Gives Powerful Speech

MARKET SHUTDOWN: Afterwards, The Duchess attended a morning tea at the British High Commissioner’s Residence to showcase women’s organisations which operate throughout Fiji. In particular, Her Royal Highness heard more about a UN Women’s project, ‘Markets for Change’, which promotes women’s empowerment in marketplaces throughout the Pacific. The Duchess then traveled to Suva Market to meet some of the female vendors who have become empowered through the project. Unfortunately, Meghan’s trip got cut short due to a “security risk”. A Palace aide told The Telegraph:

“Kensington Palace indicated the decision to leave early was down to security concerns. She was scheduled to spend 15 minutes at the market, but had to leave after around eight minutes. A palace aide said: “It was hot, humid and uncomfortably busy and there were far larger crowds than expected. She met everyone she was meant to meet and left. “There would have been a lot of people who would have been keen to meet her but she did meet those who had hoped to. On advice she was taken out due to crowd management issue.”

VIDEOS: Morning Tea For The Duchess | The Duchess Suva Municipal Market

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Photos & Roundup: October 23 – Royal Visit Fiji – Day 8

The Duke and Duchess traveled by charter flight to Fiji’s capital of Suva, where they will embark on a three-day programme, experiencing the rich Fijian culture and generous hospitality.

OFFICIAL WELCOME: Their Royal Highnesses were greeted by a Guard of Honour at the airport, before calling on His Excellency The President of Fiji at Borron House. The Duke and Duchess attended an official welcome ceremony in the city centre’s Albert Park. The ceremony, known as the Veirqaraqaravi Vakavanua, embodies Fijian cultural identity and heritage, and mirrored in format that of the one attended by The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh in 1953. It involved a number of traditional elements of Fijian culture, including dance performances, the presentation of the Tabua, and a Kava ceremony. Members of the public from across Suva were invited to attend.

STATE DINNER: From there, The Duke and Duchess left Albert Park for the Grand Pacific Hotel to attend a Reception and a State Dinner hosted by The President of Fiji, at which The Duke said a few words.

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Photos & Roundup: October 22 – Royal Visit Australia – Day 7

Their Royal Highnesses will travel to Queensland’s Fraser Island, or K’gari as it is known by the Traditional Owners the Butchulla people, as part of the dedication of the site to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy (QCC).

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, and has a total of 206,970 acres of protected forest. Among its many striking features, the Island is characterised by its long beaches, tall rainforest, coastal heaths, freshwater lakes and ever-evolving sand dunes.

ARRIVAL: The Duchess of Sussex arrived to Kingfisher Bay without the Duke of Sussex. The two split at the airport with Prince Harry continuing to carry out the previously scheduled engagements alone. Meghan continued on to the resort for more rest. It was reported that Meghan will return to the full royal tour schedule tomorrow in Fiji as a senior palace aide says she is “feeling refreshed following some rest” and looking forward to the rest of the tour.

KINGFISHER BAY: Harry and Meghan in the afternoon for a walkabout along the picturesque Kingfisher Bay Jetty. The Duke and Duchess stopped numerous times to carry on conversations with the excited locals and receive baby gifts.

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Photos & Roundup: October 21 – Royal Visit Australia – Day 6

Although Meghan was scheduled to attend the Road Cycling event during the Invictus Games, she did not. Multiple royal correspondents on Twitter reported that a spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess said:

“After a busy programme, The Duke and Duchess decided to cut back the Duchess’s schedule slightly for the next couple days, ahead of the final week and a half of the tour.”

Harry and Meghan will fly to Fraser Island together as planned, but she may not undertake many engagements in Fraser Island due to the tough terrain. Reports are also clarifying that Meghan is feeling good, just tired as she has said herself for the last few days. It seems the Palace thinks it’s wise for Meghan to pace herself over the next week and a half.

Here at Simply Meghan we wish The Duchess the best and hope she takes all the time she needs to care for herself and her baby. We’ll be sure to keep track of all the latest updates regarding Meghan’s edited schedule, you can also follow us on Twitter @meghanmarkleorg where we retweet all updates.

INVICTUS GAMES: Their Royal Highnesses attended a lunchtime Reception hosted by the Prime Minister, with Invictus Games competitors and representatives from the community in the city’s central parkland, The Domain. The reception was held at the Pavilion restaurant where Harry and Meghan chatted with guests and posed for photos.

VIDEOS: Harry And Meghan Attend Reception

SMOOTH SAILING: Meghan did join Harry to watch the Invictus sailing event. The couple cheered on the competitors and Prince Harry received quite a big bear hug when one very excited Invictus competitor jumped into the boat. You can watch the video below. We just love the relationship Prince Harry has with the men and women of Invictus.

VIDEOS: A Bear Hug For Prince Harry

Engagements In 2018 > Invictus Games: Sydney > October 21 | Commonwealth Tour – Day 2 – Set 1
Engagements In 2018 > Invictus Games: Sydney > October 21 | Commonwealth Tour – Day 2 – Set 2

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Photos & Roundup: October 20 – Royal Visit Australia – Day 5

Hello everyone! Welcome to Day 5 of Royal Visit Australia! The Invictus Games are here! Itn’t it amazing to think that just last year at the Invictus Games Harry and Meghan were just making their relationship public and now a year later they are not only married but expecting a baby! My, how time does fly!

MEMORIAL SERVICE: The fifth day of Royal Visit Australia started with an embargoed engagement. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex unveiled an Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park. During their visit Harry and Meghan received a tour of the new education and interpretation facilities, viewed the The Hall of Silence, and laid a wreath together. This was a very fitting way to start the day as Prince Harry had a very extensive career in the British Army, and his experiences helped him in his creation of the Invictus Games. Prince Harry looked very dapper in the tropical dress of his regiment, the Blues and Royals, including his new gold aiguillettes. He was appointed personal aide-de-camp to the Queen at the start of the tour.

VIDEOS: ANZAC Memorial Unveiling

INVICTUS GAMES: The Duke and Duchess then traveled by boat to attend the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge on Cockatoo Island. The Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge is a test of skill and precision and is designed to test driving skills, navigational ability, observation and teamwork using Jaguar Land Rover vehicles. The Duke and Duchess made sure that they got to meet with competitors, their families, staff, and volunteers. Prince Harry of course had a go at the mini car driving course for children. Afterwards, The Duke and Duchess handed out the first medals of the game.

VIDEOS: Harry And Meghan Present Medals

OPENING CEREMONY: To start their evening Their Royal Highnesses attended a reception before the Opening Ceremony where they mingled with guests. The Opening Ceremony was delayed for an hour as a thunderstorm rolled through. Luckily, it cleared up, and the rest of the night went on as planned with a crowd of 4,000 attendees including competitors, family and friends, and dignitaries at the Sydney Opera House. Through song, colour and tradition, the Opening Ceremony showcased personal stories of recovery, endurance and rehabilitation, bringing together the rich and diverse cultures and experiences that make up the Invictus Games family. Prince Harry once again gave an uplifting and motivating speech that you can read here.

VIDEOS: Invictus Games: Sydney 2018 Opening Ceremony

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Duke and Duchess of Sussex given ‘long list’ of baby names by family and friends

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been given a “long list” of potential baby names suggested by friends and family.

The royal couple, who are expecting their first child in the spring, told curious children in Australia they are “going to sit down and have a look at” the options.

During a trip on the Melbourne tram, the Duke and Duchess were interrogated by schoolchildren who spent the journey of just a few minutes asking them about their plans for parenthood.

Charlie Wolf, a 12-year-old pupil from Middle Park primary school, asked if the couple had any names for their unborn baby.

The children said the Duchess replied with: “We’ve been given a long list of names from everyone, we’re going to sit down and have a look at them.” Continue reading Duke and Duchess of Sussex given ‘long list’ of baby names by family and friends

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Photos & Roundup: October 19 – Royal Visit Australia – Day 4

And it’s back to Sydney for Day 4 Royal Visit Australia!

BONDI BEACH: Their Royal Highnesses visited Bondi Beach, one of Australia’s most famous landmarks. The Duke and Duchess met with a local surfing community group, known as OneWave, raising awareness for mental health and wellbeing in a fun and engaging way. Their Royal Highnesses took part in the “Fluro Friday” session, where people of all ages share their experiences of mental health issues, they also had the opportunity to interact with others enjoying yoga and surfing. Before departing, The Duke and Duchess had met with many excited members of the public gathered on the beach.

VIDEOS: Harry And Meghan Attend ‘Fluro Friday’ Session

YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: Later that morning, Their Royal Highness visited MacArthur Girls High School and the National Rugby League’s In Harmony programme, that aims to unite and inspire young people to be advocates for cohesion and inclusion in their communities. The Duke and Duchess met with representatives and talked with students about issues including social justice and youth empowerment. It’s reported that Meghan told the girls:

You guys all remind me so much of myself when I was growing up. I went to an all girls school which was incredibly diverse as well. I think being around such empowered young women, it becomes something that you all just grasp onto to understand your world. It’s made you confident and well-spoken. You have an intention set to really do something to change the world, and you have to keep it up. It makes me so emotional. You’re doing really, really good work and I’m so happy that we’re here. We give you our full support.” The teenage girls had worked on a project to make boxes for vulnerable women, taking donated supplies to police stations and refuges. They’ve also produced a book for young children teaching them about poverty and being kind to others.”

VIDEOS: The Duke And Duchess Enjoy A Performance

INVICTUS ARRIVAL: Prime Minister the Honourable Scott Morrison MP, and Invictus Games competitors with The Duke climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge to officially raise the Invictus Flag, marking the arrival of the Invictus Games to Sydney. Meghan later joined Harry with calls on the Leader of the Opposition at Admiralty House, and the Prime Minister at Kirribilli House.

VIDEOS: Meeting Bill Shorten And Scott Morrison

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Photos & Roundup: October 18 – Royal Visit Australia – Day 3

After banana bread and rain storms, Day 3 of Royal Visit Australia kicks off in Melbourne! The third day of The Duke and Duchess’s visit to Australia was a busy one with six scheduled engagements and a few embargoed stops along the way.

OFFICIAL RECEPTION: Their Royal Highnesses will fly to Melbourne where the day will begin with a short walk to Government House, meeting members of the public along the way, before attending an official Reception at Government House. A diverse group of young Victorian leaders and community members will attend the Reception, including Queen’s Young Leader Hunter Johnson from The Man Cave. A demonstration of various sporting activities will take place in the grounds, with ambassadors from the This Girl Can campaign. Meghan was even persuaded to toss a rugby ball during the demonstrations. Once inside Harry and Meghan raced a scaled, miniature Formula 1 car designed and made by Trinity Grammar students. A hysterical moment ensued when the cars were launched, watch the video before to see Meghan get a surprise!

VIDEOS: Meghan Gets A Surprise | Meghan Joins In On Rugby Demostrations

ENTERPRISE CAFE: The Duke and Duchess visited Charcoal Lane, a social enterprise café which offers leadership, mentoring and training programmes for young Aboriginal people. Upon arrival the pair were shown a mural outside the building created by artist Robert Young, of Gunnai and Waradgerie heritage. Inside, Meghan was totally comfortable in the kitchen chatting with the head chef, Greg Hampton as he offered a crash course in indigenous Australian ingredients with a “touch, taste and smell” session. Afterwards, Harry and Meghan had lunch at the cafe.

VIDEOS: Harry And Meghan Get A Lession In Australian Food

WASTE WARRIORS: After a quick outfit change, and a ride on the iconic Melbourne tram Their Royal Highnesses visited Albert Park Primary School and met students who are involved in sustainability programmes. They call themselves the ‘Waste Warriors’. The Duke and Duchess learned how they use compost bins, a worm farm

VIDEOS: Speaking With Students About Sustainability

SOUTH MELBOURNE BEACH: Upon departure from the school, The Duke and Duchess headed to South Melbourne beach, where they met volunteers from a local beach patrol programme. Here Their Royal Highnesses learned about efforts to keep Port Phillip Bay beaches and foreshores clear of litter to reduce the negative impact on the marine environment.

VIDEOS: Harry And Meghan In South Melbourne

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