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NBC Sets ‘Inside The Royal Wedding: Harry & Meghan’ Special

Ahead of what is likely the most anticipated wedding of the year, NBC will premiere a primetime special, Inside the Royal Wedding: Harry and Meghan. Hosted by Today‘s Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, Inside the Royal Wedding will air Wednesday, May 16 at 10 PM ET, three days ahead of the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The hourlong broadcast will feature interviews with close friends of the couple, along with prominent figures from the worlds of fashion, sports and show business. Kotb will also report live from Windsor, beginning Thursday, May 17, giving viewers an early peak of the final details and events in the run-up to the royal marriage.

On Friday, May 18, NBC News will air all four hours of Today from Windsor. Guthrie, Kotb, Megyn Kelly and Kathie Lee Gifford will broadcast their respective hours live from an exclusive location overlooking Windsor Castle on May 18 from 7-11 a.m. ET. Al Roker and Sheinelle Jones will also join Today from the United Kingdom.


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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend Team Trials for the Invictus Games

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the U.K. team trials for the Invictus Games at the University of Bath Sports Training Village. The 2018 games will kick off in Sydney on October 20. It’s an international competition for wounded servicemen and women.

Markle opted for a more casual look for the occasion, wearing an Invictus Games polo, a jacket by Babaton for Aritiza, and jeans by MOTHER.

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Suits Recap: ‘Bad Man’

How did Harvey’s conversation with Paula about sleeping with Donna 12 years ago go? Not great Bob!

“Bad Man” wastes little time in revealing that Harvey and Paula are on a mini-break of sorts. Harvey hoped that Paula would just yell at him for a bit for lying and then they could move past it, but that’s not what Paula needs right now. No, she needs space to process this information and demands that Harvey gives it to her. Which he does. So, when the episode opens, Harvey is boxing his troubles away, but that’s barely getting the job done since he can’t stop thinking about their conversation.

Thankfully, our lord and savior Jessica Pearson appears to Harvey (via a phone call) with a problem that’ll help keep his mind off of his relationship issues. Jessica, who is totally fine with the harsh press about the newly named Specter Litt released, asks Harvey to divert $2 million of the money he’s giving her to an untraceable account. Obviously, Harvey’s first thought is that she’s trying to do something illegal, but she assures him she isn’t yet refuses to tell him why she has such an odd request.

This is a money issue, so Harvey turns to Louis for help, but Louis doesn’t have the “emotional bandwidth” for this problem because he’s dealing with his own issues: Sheila. Earlier that morning, Sheila interrupted Louis’ mudding session and tried to seduce him with some below-the-mudd action. The scene made me feel very uncomfortable. Louis tries to resist her, but Sheila ignores him and simply gives him a burner phone that she will call to set up their next rendezvous in the next few days because she’s certain he’ll change his mind and embrace being a bad boy.

Dr. Lipschitz says what we all want to tell Louis: Being a “bad boy” isn’t his thing and he shouldn’t do this because Sheila, like most of the women he pursues, can’t love him the way he wants/needs to be loved. (In case you forgot, which I did, Louis and Sheila broke up because Louis wants a family but she doesn’t.) But Louis being Louis refuses to get over the idea and continues to pursue Sheila. He tries to convincing her to leave her fiancé, but she rebuffs his sweet declaration of love because he broke her heart once before and she knows neither of them will change their minds about what they want out of life. So for now, Louis’ options are mistress or nothing at all.

As the episode unfolds, the series treats us to flashbacks to Louis’ high school years when he was “dating” a girl, who was only dating him as a cover because her parents wouldn’t approve of her actual boyfriend. Louis eventually learned what was up, but it took him a long time to put an actual end to it. In fact, one day Lil Louis overheard this girl telling her real boyfriend that she can’t actually be with Louis because he’s not a bad boy. Back in the present, Dr. Lipschitz reminds Louis again that it’s true, being a “bad boy” is not in his nature. But Louis decides that a tiger can indeed change its stripes. So, he shows up at Sheila’s office and declares that he’s ready to be a bad boy, because making the right decision is so damn hard for this man. (But hopefully this is the last time I have to use type “bad boy.”)

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Meghan Markle Makes a Secret Trip Out of the Country as Wedding Nears

Considering the spotlight on Meghan Markle right now, as we careen closer and closer to her May 19 wedding date to Prince Harry, it would seem like it’d be tough for the bride to get pretty much anything done without it becoming a huge story. Markle can’t exactly hop outside to pick up a name-card sample or check out a potential wedding sconce, or what have you, without photographers descending.

Or at least that’s what you’d think! According to a new report from Good Morning America royal correspondent Omid Scobie, Markle has managed to not only step out of her Palace digs without being detected—she actually fled to a different country for a pre-wedding errand. Markle “quietly jetted” out of London on Thursday to make her way to Los Angeles, where she is reportedly “spending quality time”—and, of course, “talking wedding plans”—with her mother, Doria Ragland. Scobie reports that this is not the only mother-daughter time the two will get before the big day, as Ragland will be flying back to London well in advance of the wedding. (Secret wedding-dress fittings continue to take place in an “undisclosed London location” and at the Palace.)

It’s unclear if Markle is still in Los Angeles, or if she has returned already to London, but this likely solves Sunday’s mystery as to why Markle and Harry did not attend Easter services with the rest of the royals in Windsor. It’s also worth just marveling at her ability to (presumably) do errands and see her mother and generally conduct her business without being snapped (her mother is a regular paparazzi target at this point, as Ragland was photographed leaving her home on Monday). Perhaps the upshot here is: Meghan Markle, improbably, could be anywhere! (or at least we like to imagine so . . . ). That could be her waiting in the car with tinted windows outside your Soul Cycle class, or her in the dark sunglasses shrouded in a blanket in the first-class cabin on your London to Los Angeles flight.